Epson Ultra Short Thru Projector | Epson 695wi

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Brand: Epson
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interactive projector

The device is complete

Ultra Short Throw

With a device with an Interactive pen
Do you want to stay in the heart of any event?
Do you want to watch your favorite matches and your favorite team in full size?
Now a real cinema in your hands and a different device

It is characterized by a unique technology, which is Ultra Short Thru
I mean exactly like the screen

The device is distinguished by the fact that it displays from the same place

The device is different from any projector






With Ultra Short Thru technology

In case of purchase, you will receive an action card

Fatih 6500 channels

It works on the same wall

Spread from 2 to 3 meters

on the same wall

The device is imported from abroad

It is sold in Egypt for more than 3000 dollars
Epson Ultra Short Thru Projector

Epson 659wi
Blackboard Mode

Epson projector

Ultra Short Throw

and its capabilities

A wall stand, because the device is displayed on the same operating wall

general warranty

To contact WhatsApp or phone

On 01091589191

It has a brightness level of 3 .

3300 lumens and precision


Ultra-short projection design allows you to present

With minimal shadows and glare

Bright high quality pictures

Technology included


Epson high-quality images with an equal high rate

of white light emission

and tinted for vivid colors and bright images

Even in daylight, brighter colors

Three times that of the leading competitor projectors

. means accuracy


and input


Students benefit from sharp and clear projected images

Download the manual

تحميل المانويل



Projector import abroad with amazing capabilities

The interactive function does not require drivers to be installed and calibrates automatically



More control and collaboration

Allows multi-device display software for teachers

Students share their content simultaneously

The moderator function gives teachers complete control

Where they can choose the content to be shown

Technical Specifications



Display System: Technology



LCD: 0.59 in. MLA (D8)


Color light emission: 3

Lumen 3500


Lumens (Economic Mode)

White light emission: 3, 400 lumens - 1,


Lumens (economy) as standard

ISO 21118: 2012

: WXGA, 1280 x 800, 16: 10
High accuracy

HD ready

aspect ratio


Contrast Ratio: 16,000:


Keystone Correction: Manual Vertical: ± 7°, Horizontal Manual ±

5 °

Color Processing: 10-bit

2D vertical refresh rate: 50Hz - 85Hz

Color reproduction: up to 1.07 billion colors


Drop ratio: 0.48:

Zoom: Digital, Working: 1 -

Lens: Optical

Photo Size: 53" - 116"

Viewing distance: 0.5m (53 inch screen)

Projection distance: 1.2 meters (116 inches)

Projection lens number

F: 1.6

Focal distance: 6.4 mm

Epson eb-485wi
Focus: Manual

Displacement: 9

Product Features
العلامة التجارية:

مشاهدة المثال (a7448-brochure-lores-ar-ae-flatpanel_brochure.pdf, 1,123 Kb) [Download]

مشاهدة المثال2 (epson_eb-580-manual.pdf, 5,910 Kb) [Download]

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