Full Home Cinema | vista 200

vista 200
40,000 جنية
8,000 جنية
You save: 32,000 جنية
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Minimum quantity for "Full Home Cinema | vista 200" is 1.

Brand: سينما منزلية
عروض كتيرة مستنياك
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You love to travel, go out and camping, and that's it

This offer is for you


Warranty two years

The first batch is finished and we are waiting for the second shipment

A bag of dreams that you can't dispense with

Anywhere, inside the house or outside the house

Now you will have a home cinema in front of the house

And also outside the house, they are not electric

Exclusively in the market live company

for general supplies

your cheese

With us and for the first time on the market live

 Vsta 200

New technology in the world of cinema

Mini LED laser cinema device


thousand hours of operation

Exactly the same life as the TV screen

  No, it will surprise you too

It works on solar energy because

If there is no place to charge it with electricity.. like

It also has a large battery that runs the cinema for more

From 8 hours straight

Action gift card

Horror and action movies and the latest games

You will also take a smart device to turn the cinema into a smart cinema

Also, with the presentation, you will take the recited Quran for 30 famous reciters

Also, you will take the waterfall incense burner with the offer because of envy

   The device is also powered by solar energy

Just like that..No, not just like that

The device also has internal headphones and headphones

External stereo, its sound is a masterpiece and very loud

And also a thermal scout, a compass, and a screen

It works on solar energy

I don't want to forget the display screen

This is a price outside Egypt without warranty or shipping

Because no one is bidding on us

Show it movies and series

The matches and the lectures

And play on Playstation with your friends

So that you know that our goal is to make you happy

Also, easy to disassemble and install

The offer includes the following

Dahr Safety Handbag

Led laser projector

Magnetic display screen

Dolby stereo headphones

Full nano solar module

solar powered searchlight

Action card open all channels

Subscribers for all types of electricity

Arabic charger link

All connections are available with the device

What are you waiting for.. Book now by reservation

Product Features
العلامة التجارية:
سينما منزلية

manual (V2B-Instructions_compressed.pdf, 58,505 Kb) [Download]

User Manual (P5Brochure.pdf, 2,706 Kb) [Download]

الكتالوج (V2B-Instructions_compressed_2019.pdf, 93,283 Kb) [Download]

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