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NEC NP-M282X Projector

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2,800 ANSI Lumens


    Aspect Ratio
4:3 (SVGA)

3,000:1 (full on/off)

    Display Type
1 cm DLP x 1

    Color Processing

    Video Modes
720p, 1080i, 576i, 576p, 480p, 480i

    Data Modes
MAX 1600x1200

    3D Modes
PC 3D Ready [Glasses Type: Shutter]

    Lamp Type
200W AC bulb

بيتباع بره مصر حوالى 500 دولار

بالمصرى 8000 جنيه وبدون ضمان

عندنا كسر زيرو بضمان سنه

4500 جنيه


    Lamp Life

4,000 hours  / 6,000 hours (Eco)

    Lamp Model

60003259  Buy Replacement Lamp


    Included Lens
1.1x manual zoom , manual focus

    Optional Lenses

    Lens Shift

    Throw Distance

1.3 m - 11.8 m  Calculate Throw Distance

    Image Size
76 cm - 762 cm

    Throw Ratio
1.94:1 - 2.17:1 (D:W)

    Projector Placement

For a cm diagonal screen, place the projector

lens between 3.9 m and 4.4 m from the screen.

    Digital Keystone
Vertical only

    Projector Size
9 cm x 26 cm x 25 cm (HxWxD)

2.3 kg

    Audible Noise
35 dB  / 33 dB (Eco)

    Internal Speakers

7.0 Watts Mono

261 Watts 100V - 240V

    Connection Panel
Composite: RCA
RS232: DB-9pin
VGA In: Dsub-15pin

PC 3D Ready
Closed Captioning
Blackboard Mode

Crestron RoomView™

    Additional Features

This lightweight model is affordable

with essential features, including

3D Ready technology, high-contrast

images and a powerful 7W speaker

6000 جنيه
3500 جنيه
ستوفر: 2500 جنيه
متوفر : 10 جهاز
10 يوم

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