Ricoh Mini Short Through Projector | PJ WXC1110 Projector

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Brand: Ricoh
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Mini from Ricoh works in the glory of light

PJ WXC1110

Shorts through

A small home cinema in your home and anywhere

It works closely

Present with complete confidence


PJ WXC1110

Presentation space is very small. Illumination lights up



مانويل الجهاز


Long lasting all your photos, videos and presentations

With a short drop ratio of

  per cm 0.8

You can place it 17 inches apart

PJ WXC1110

Palm-sized at only 1 pound, making it extremely portable for business travel, consultants, or training

In workplaces or even design discussions where teams need space to review

Graphics and other design materials. It can be displayed on a variety of surfaces

and transform any flat wall into exhibition space - eliminating the need to cancel displays

or reschedule if rooms are not available. The projector fits easily

With small spaces that are not usually conducive to presentations such as desks

Small classrooms in private schools. It can even be used as a digital signage system

Small in a retail store or rental device at events and hotels for continuous playback of movies and photos


بيفرد 300 بوصة

PJ WXC1110


Only from the viewing deck for one-on-one meetings

Present the information in the best way you want to grab your audience's attention and make sure

Make sure your projector is ready to go when you are. The projector displays

Sold on Amazon without warranty

Price of the device

PJ WXC1110

Bright, vibrant presentations, movies, graphics, and videos


PJ WXC1110

Instead of high pressure mercury lamps which need to be replaced frequently

Or it may break during transportation. Technology lasts


This one is strong and lasts



in bright mode

30,000 hours

in the economic situation

Which increases the life of the light source


The projector comes with a built in speaker so everyone can hear the projected image

And seeing it too. It can be turned on or off in just a few seconds

Ultra clear picture quality at 600 lumens

And a contrast ratio of 600:1

(40:000:1 in high contrast mode)

And automatic keystone correction, color reproduction capability 16.7 million

It delivers the quality you'd expect from a full-size projector in a compact size when you travel for business

You need technology that takes the load off and makes your information resonate


Product Features
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بيشتغل فى النور ايوه بس مش فى ضوء الشمس
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