Epson 536Wi Short Throw Interactive WXGA 3LCD Projector

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Epson 536Wi
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Reduced Shadow Interference & Minimised Glare
The short throw distance also significantly reduces glare on the presenter and shadow interference on the screen, making the viewing experience conducive and comfortable for everyone in the room.

Enhanced Interactivity Features
Interactive Pen
Enliven your presentations with the projector’s interactive function. The interactive pen provided effectively turns your screen into a large drawing board. You can freely annotate on projected content, making your presentations lively and highly engaging. The higher pen accuracy and response speed make drawing as instant as writing with a normal marker pen.

By connecting the projector to a PC via USB cable, you can use the interactive pen like a PC mouse to select and control elements on the screen for greater flexibility

PC-free Interactive Functionality
Write on the projector screen like a whiteboard, without a PC input source. With this original feature by Epson, you can annotate on screen without any PC connection to create compelling presentations. The PC-free Interactive mode also allows two people to write simultaneously, with two pens operating at the same time for greater interactivity.

Extend your Interactive Reach
Get more out of your Interactive Pen with the Interactive Pen Extension*. With a longer pen, your interactive experience is enhanced as shadow interference is minimised even when the projector is placed on the table

On-screen Projector Operation
With on-screen projector operation, you’ll be able to easily operate your projector even if the remote control is not close at hand. Perform basic projector operation functions such as power on, source change, volume adjustment and mute, simply by selecting the icons shown on the screen.

Wide Range of Connectivity
Full Compatibility
Advanced connectivity features mean convenient and hassle-free projections of your presentations. With wide-ranging interfaces, Epson EB-536Wi not only corresponds with multiple conventional analogue sources, they are also compatible with HDMI input.
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