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بروجيكتور قوى بحجم كغف الايد aiptek

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aiptek projector

DLP light engine with RGB LED

Picture size up to 150 cm (60”)

50 lumen of Brightness

Works with GoPro Hero 4 (black & silver) 3+ / 3 / 2

HDMI & MHL input port

GoProjector is the perfect gadget for your GoPro Hero sports camera
The compact projector displays all videos and photos from your
GoPro via HDMI cable or via GoPro App. Simply connect the GoProjector to your
Hero 4 (black & silver), 3+, 3 or 2 and share the content on a screen size of
up to 150 cm (60") to maximize the visual experience. All cables and adapter
for Hero 3 / 3+ / 4 are included in the package. With the universal HDMI port
a huge range of devices can be connected too. And even your MHL enabled
Smartphone is immediately ready to start. The DLP technology used is the
same as in large cinema projectors, which provides rich colors
and deep contrast. Use GoProjector to show your sports skills live on a big screen.

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