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Product Description

CS Kart is the best script

Shopping cart to build an online store website of any size, from small stores to mega stores. Contain


It has a ready customer interface and supports many payment methods and automatic shipping and fully controls the stock of products and you can place

Unlimited number of products, promotion tools and the latest e-commerce requirements
General features and characteristics

An all-in-one store package ready to run on the web
Web installation wizard
The code is 100% open source
The admin control panel is logical and smooth
Professional designs included for free
Multiple upload of categories, products and photos
Full import and export of products, members, orders and languages ​​from and to the database in CSV format
Installation and setup does not require programming experience
One month free technical support


The script is translated into 8 languages ​​(some translations are partial)
Complete and comprehensive professional web to Arab localization with professionally changing direction from right to left
Possibility to change currency symbols
Possibility to change the units of weight
Possibility to change countries and governorates/states/regions/Emirates
The ability to change the date and time format
The ability to add an unlimited number of positions

Improve your site's ranking in search engines

Search Engine Friendly Links
Tags and a custom description for each product, category or page
Create an HTML index for product pages and static categories
Automatic sitemap generation
Detailed navigation paths

Design and Planning

The design is built entirely with templates, whether in the visitors interface or the admin control panel
Ease of modifying the design to suit the design of your site
The possibility of fully modifying the design and layout of the store
Comprehensive use of AJAX techniques to reduce page reloads
Thumbnails and detailed images of products and categories
Single page to checkout
design blocks
Visual editor for language variables
Product Index Page
Mini basket available on all pages
Add custom content from the admin control panel
Built-in template editor
Change the store and the admin control panel from the admin interface
Debug console: displays a tree of templates for all pages

Product Catalog Features

Unlimited number of products and categories
copy products
Unlimited number of subcategories
Multiple product and category management
The ability to add one product to more than one category
View featured products for multiple sale
system for downloadable products
Products assembly
Quantity discounts
Discount Coupons
Memberships to select the possibility of any category

Product details

Unlimited product options with optional extra prices
The ability to display product options in multiple ways
HTML Product Description Format
Similar Products List
List of clients also bought
Unlimited number of product images
Big picture popup

Marketing and promotion tools

Partner Program

Send gift certificates via e-mail or regular mail
Product Refineries
return system
Multiple display of distinctive and similar products
Possibility to set up custom promotions
Product reviews and reviews
Gift Wish List
One page to checkout
best seller
Send the page to a friend
Add reward points
Possibility to add tags

Inventory and stock

Complete control of product inventory
Low stock alert
wholesale trade
Possibility to set a minimum order value
Market price and selling price options
Enable and cancel product inventory
Extended import/export of product database

Shipping and tax

Direct calculation of automated shipping methods: FedEx, USPS, DHL, Australia Post & Canada Post
Direct calculation of the shipping cost and adding it to the invoice
Full control over shipping value
Unlimited customized delivery methods
Unlimited number of dedicated access places
Required shipping across the region
Option for free shipping
Direct shipping from the supplier
Flexible setting of shipping methods (depends on the number of units, weight or value of the order)
The possibility of the customer choosing the shipping method
Flexible setup of tax calculation method
Specific taxes for certain products
tax exemption feature

payment methods

An integrated list for offline payments: checks, phone requests, and more..
Direct payment by credit cards with the ability to connect with more than 50 online payment processors
Possibility to add new payment methods

admin control panel

Quick and easy addition of multiple content (products, categories, static pages, etc..)
File viewer and template editor using AJAX technologies
The ability to configure every aspect of e-commerce directly
Compact tool for backing up and restoring database
Integrated organization of site content
Unlimited admin accounts
Multiple levels of admin privileges
Possibility to act on behalf of members
Possibility to collect statistical data
Block browsing via IP
Built-in online email browsing system
SMS alerts

customers service

Advanced search built into the store
search filters
Password reminder for customers
Customer can review previous orders
Multiple Memberships & Custom Pricing
Dedicated access to specific pages by membership
'Complete shopping' and 'Empty cart' buttons
printable invoices
'Wishlist' feature
'Compare Features' option
Customer can edit product options directly from the shopping cart


Full support for HTTPS/SSL certificates
HTTPS/SSL Protection for Admin Panel
HTTPS/SSL protection for checkout, login and profile pages
MD5 encryption of database passwords
Password protection for the admin control panel
Requests for periodic change of admin passwords
Always check passwords for protection

Maintaining customer loyalty

The contents of the shopping cart are stored in the database
Each customer has the possibility to create an unlimited number of profiles
Registered customers can modify their profile details at any time
Registered customers can view their previous orders

Visitor interface preview

Admin Control Panel Preview



2Arab is an official distributor of CS Card licenses. We are the first company in the Arab world to support and localize the script, so we have established a partnership with the Russian producer

Simbirsk Technologies Ltd

And presenting the first professional Arabic version of the program in a year


Why buy the license from Web to Arab?

Install the script professionally on your server for free
Make the necessary initial protection on the store for free
Free transfer of license to CS-Cart customer territory upon request
Providing technical support for one month for free

The official CS-Cart Professional license purchase price is USD 285 and with us is only USD 228!

Each additional license you purchase with us comes with a $50 discount for only $178. The discount is achieved for our valued customers who buy the second, third or fourth copy, etc..

CS-Cart Localization

Web to Arab Company offers professional CS Card localization to the latest available version of the program with the provision of multilingualism, and with a professional change of the direction of the Arabic language (from right to left).

What does localization include?

Professional translation of phrases
Professional localization of one style for the visitor interface
Professional localization of the admin control panel
Professional localization of postal messages

localization price

CS-Cart Professional


USD 300


Please note that it is necessary to purchase a CS-Cart license before providing the localization service

License price + professional localization = USD 8500.

We accept online payments and transfers.

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